Friday, November 11, 2016

Tracking Why Schools need Another Route- Oakes

Hayley Dias
Tracking Why Schools need Another Route-Oakes
November 11, 2016

In this reading Oakes begins on describing how children who are raised an brought up in a richer community and family life style have more of an ability to succeed in there education roles. She states, " On the other side, growing numbers of school professionals and parents pose tracking because they believe it locks most students into classes where they are stereotyped as "less able," and where they have fewer opportunities to learn." 

I mean seeing how I was raised and on how my ability for education are different then other children and teens. I was brought up in going to school daily, doing homework daily, and continuing to succeed in school and outside of school with the great support of my parents and grandparents. 

However there are many children who grow up differently with different privilege and are stereo typed as "Less-able." Which I believe should not be characterized like that because children shouldn't be punished for how they are raised in there lifestyle at home and at school. 

Rethinking our classrooms gives great support about " A Place Called School" students should be provided to be able to learn and be able to boost their scores while getting ready to test into college or any other type of schooling. There thinking habits are all different where ever to live and go to school, but every child is capable of anything they want to do. It is available for each and everyone. 
Therefore that is what Oakes is trying to support in her claim about why schools need a different route for children to see things. 

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  1. I think most of us are going to be able to relate to this piece. From own experiences, on either side. Nice blog as usual....