Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Promising Practices

Hayley Dias
Promising Practices
Resilience-Across the Board

            This conference that our class had to attend was just a great experience, I loved how passionate our speaker was Robert Brookes. He was just a great older man who told us and taught us how to be resilient and basically to help others find themselves within. He taught us how to teach and be resilient with children. As he went on how he shows resilience, he kept referring to his past jobs working with children who had disabilities. As we continued through the conference we moved on to each of the workshops we chose. My first workshop I attended was Fostering Resiliency: Strength- Based interventions that support diverse learners on the path to standardized test scores. I learned great new habits about test taking for standardize testing. After I left this conference I felt great about it and it taught me lots about test taking. I learned 4 new interventions on standardize test taking, Confidence loaning, Reverse Scaffolding, Meta Testing, Strength in Numbers. Confidence Loaning is a framing that challenges you in a positive way and it helps you observe your strengths on a test. Reverse scaffolding, is basically go with your answer that you know he most of and go for it. Strength based interventions- Meta Testing is taking them behind the scenes. And finally, the last fostering to resilience is the strength in numbers is by phoning s friend. The second workshop that I attended was, in this we learned how to interact with other people and how we could learn how to play games with others in building a relationship with others an how interactive play can build resilience. We played different kinds of game that involved interacting with others. Techniques that we could use with being around children who need more resilience in their life time.

Three Hyperlinks..
1. Testing Techniques
2. Interaction in Classrooms
3. Fostering Resilience

Connections I could make to my experience at the Promising Practices event was when we met in our small groups and when in my first small group conference classroom that I attended we discussed about test taking. I struggle with test taking and the oasis tutors helped me get through test taking and preparing for the praxis and they used most of the techniques they told the group of us about and I felt that I could reflect on it all. In the second conference small group I attended the whole idea was to get to know knew people and interact with other an see what we had in common with each other to build relationships with resilience with other we may have not known we had certain things in common with. 

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