Sunday, October 23, 2016

In The Service of What? The Politics of Service Learning

Hayley Dias
In the Service of What? The Politics of Service Learning
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October 23, 2016

Joseph Kahne and Joel Westheimer wrote an article "In the Service of What? The Politics of Service Learning" they both discuss on how to look at the service learning on how it is benefiting children and educators out in our society. I chose a fellow classmate of mine who I can reflect off of and who shares the same thoughts on this article as I do. Colleen, talks about how children take the service learning program with them outside of school and it benefits them with there learning habits. Especially with children who really do need the help and benefit of their learning.

Colleen, talks about creating bonds. Bonding is key to teaching a child how to learn. Creating a connection with a child is very important I see it as helping them engage in there learning an having that volunteer part of the service learning program gets them away from there teacher and allows them to one up more to younger but ideal volunteers that want to help them learn just like there teachers do.

In this Video, can express the meaning of how building a connection with children while education them is very important.

The Service Learning helps the child open up more and get there hands involved with other techniques and not as much structure in there learning. This gives them a place in there learning where they are not only being serious about there learning one on one but they are getting more help from other people and not only there actual teachers. 

Kahne and Wertheimer state, "Service Learning gives students active participates in service projects that aim to respond to the needs of the community while the furthering the academic goals of students." (2)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Election 2016: Power, Privilege and Voting

Articles by Soloway and NYT Clintons Voice

Election 2016: Power, Privilege and Voting

I took upon reading both of these factual pieces of texts that talk about the Election of 2016.

In the First article I read, it begins discussing how men and women talk like locker room talk. This is being referred to as when men are with men they talk about women, and when women are with other women they talk about men.  But of course in all mens eyes they have more power over women when it comes to having a voice. But like most males they talk and talk and then try to let it go that they weren't part of anything and had nothing to do with anything. But as referred, they are "toxic". All men think just because they are a man they have the voice and power over a women for example like  locker room talk. When they do not just because they are just "Masculine" vs a women being "Feminism".

In the Second article I read, Hilary Clinton is sharing her voice displaying how a women's voice matters. She believes that speaking to a audience and crowd of people and listening to a women voice shows how much power and privilege matters for each individual. What makes Clinton who she is especially on how she feels about how everyone should have a voice and express it. Having women take control, shows great power and privilege for younger women to see and not to be afraid of using there voice. 
    “In today’s America, when a woman is loud it’s ‘shouting,’ when a man yells = enthusiasm.           Where am I? Sudan?” Joyce Karam, the Washington bureau chief at the Arab newspaper Al-Hayat.(2)

In this Video, Hilary Clinton expresses her true thoughts on opinion of "Women rights are Human Rights."

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

11 and Gender Fluid: Erin Zelle

Hayley Dias
Article 11 and Gender Fluid By: Erin Zelle

The title of this article is "11 and Gender Fluid", a young girl who is just beginning to realize that she wants toddles like a boy. What amazes me the most about this young girl is the support she has for this young girl who walks into her store while working at J.Crew. She directs her to the girl section an  supports her when she wants to look at the boy clothing. This Child visits the store occasionally and this women never mistakes her for a boy an never says "He looks great in that sell."

This Young girls mother defines her daughters style as "Gender Fluid", I personally love this because there are more and more children changing there look as for looking at a gender change. But however this child is considers as "a Fluid" she can be defined as for having a masculine an feminine look. Many clothing companys such as louis Vuitton as a prime example looking at Jayden Smith in a t-shirt. She began to admire famous people on how each have there own look and wanted to have her own. 
Sullivan, she is just such an amazing young girl who isn't afraid of how she dresses. She loves who she is and changing her style of clothing into a boys types doesn't fright her. Her mother says as she grows into her age she is moving really fast into dressing in a masculine look. Sullivan tells her mother, "Im a girl. Im just not girlie."Other girls begin to see her at camp an begin to be very hurtful an tell her she doesn't belong in there bathroom because she is a boy, but what makes Sullivan even mire uniqe is she tells her friends and other girls "Not all girls have to wear pink..they can wear 

No child should have to explain why they dress the way they dress. They should not ever have to explain them selves to other young friends. A child changes because he or she feels that they are not who they are suppose to be. They feel different and important after they find themselves and in this article talking about how Sullivan is a young girl who isn't a girlie girl who loves to dress like a boy at the age of 11. She slowly is transitioning into looking more as a masculine young boy, her look began to change more and more she started with clothing and then for halloween she was Hells angles biker..and then she began wearing more and more blazers. Finally she decided to cut her shoulder length hair and she admired Ruby Rose and Stella Maxwell. 

"It was as though Sullivan's skin finally fit her gloriously and comfortable, and she was finally her own-exactly as she wanted to be. "