Sunday, November 27, 2016

“Education is Politics”

Hayley Dias
Education is Politics- Short
November 27, 2016

In this reading the Shor expressed I thought that it included great positive thoughts on the subjects that we have focused on this semester.

"The teacher is the person who indicates the relationship between outside authorities formal knowledge and individual students in the classroom. Through the day today lessons teaching links the students develop to the values of powers and debates in our society."

Having  teacher in a classroom that indicates the morals and someone who is teaching theses children the education of how our society it brought together as a whole made me want to read more of this concepts that focused on the relationship's of Education in Politics.

"Empowering education as I do find it here is a critical democratic pedagogy her self and social change. It is a student centered program for multicultural democracy in school and society it approaches individual growth as an active cooperative and social process because the cells and society create each other."

Multicultural children see man things differently, being a child who has grown in education differently can be centered in programs that involve social change. However, I see this as being a good thing because it shows that being multicultural doesn't matter because each child receives a great education like other children and education is politics takes on a positive note for them.

The teacher plays a key role in critical classroom. Student participation in both a positive emotions are influenced by the teachers commitment to both. One limit to this commitment comes from the teachers development and traditional schools where passive competitive and authority methods are dominated.
In this reading, It reminded me to reading by Gerri August where he focused on the LGBT Community, and how it is important for a child's values and powers to be viewed for there education. For each child to have benefits in there education in there society no matter where they come from. Every child is special in there own way.

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